Custom Wood Projects & Hammer Handles

We make your ideas come to life.  From customized hammer handles to specialty wood projects, we

Custom Hammer Handles

Our artistic 25 oz. California framing hammer handles can have a variety of designs or colors incorporated into each product for that personalized look. This includes fill colors, wood stains, and images that can be placed on the hammer handle surface of approximately 15 3/4 in x 2 in (either side). For these customized hammer handles, please allow 2-3 weeks time for the manufacturing of your product. 

Please contact us for a quote on that personalized hammer at or on our contact page.

Below is our hammer handle template. By filling out this form it will speed up the fabrication process. All you have to do is download, sketch, and submit it back to us with your request so we can get working on it. Just make sure things are legible and easy to understand.

Download the Template

We will respond to you as quickly as possible to answer any questions and to get your order placed. Thank you and we hope to do business with you.